A Brief Note On The Civil Rights Era

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10 Page Essay In the eleventh grade I was assigned to write a ten-page essay on the civil rights era. You had to choose a specific person or group from a list and write how they helped with era. I was given three weeks to write the essay. However, there was an outline to help us know how far along we were supposed to be. We were not held accountable to follow the essays outline, because my teacher wanted it to a college essay. There was seven parts of the essay Plan of Investigation, Background Information, Summary of Evidence, Sources Evaluation, Analysis, and Conclusion. The Plan of Investigation answered the question what are civil rights and explained the purpose and methods I was using for the essay. Background Information…show more content…
I had no idea who she was, but since her last name was Shakur I knew she was related to Tupac. To prepare myself for this essay I knew I was going to need to complete all lot of research, so that’s where I began. For a week, that’s all did research, but I began to notice that I would not be able to get even information on Assault for a ten-page essay. So, it was really smart that I did a lot of research first. The following day I had a conversation with my teacher Ms. Washington and voiced my concerns about the essay. She understood my dilemma and allowed me to change my topic. However, she warned it was not wise to do that, because then I would be a week behind on the assignment. I thought about it, but I knew I was not going to be able to write more than five pages about her. With that in mind I decided I was going to change my topic to The United Farmer Workers Union.
Changing topics was very helpful the United Farmers Workers Union was a broader topic. I could talk about Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and the organization while still being on topic. The only problem was I was now a week behind. To fix this problem I planned to do research for a week and then write for the last week. Research for this topic was way easier to find than it was for Assault Shakur. I began to get a lot of research done. I made sure everything was in chronological order to make it easier for myself when I began to write my essay. Since I was behind it began to be really stressful for
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