A Brief Note On The Civil Service System

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Civil service systems are designed to hire and promote members of the bureaucracy on the basis of merit. The merit principle is the idea that hiring should be based on entrance exams and promotion ratings to reward qualified individuals to produce an administration of skilled and talented people. All civil servant applicants must pass an exam that measures skills related to the particular civil service position they hope to fill. Some civil service exams are general and apply to a wide range of jobs, whereas others are focused on a particular type of job. I do not see how a “merit exam” can truly show how successful a potential civil servant would be performing in a particular position. An exam may be able to measure the extent of their paper knowledge on the position, but does not reflect how well a civil servant would be able to apply their knowledge to their job. Standardized tests are often frowned upon in public schools, with some politicians and scholars arguing that standardized tests measure how well a student can take the test, and does not measure how much he or she has learned. The same applies to these merit exams. I do not believe that a potential bureaucrat should earn their government position through entrance exams. The exam does not measure how successful a bureaucrat would be at performing their job, but rather measures their test-taking abilities. I believe that a potential bureaucrat should have to partake in a two-year-long paid internship in their

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