A Brief Note On The Country Of Nepal

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Macro Connection Essay
According to my research, The Nepal is the poorest country in South Asia, and the 17th poorest in the world. It locate between India and China countries. Nepal had faces many issues in the country due to lack of economics. Recently, they had deal with an earthquake that cause their economics decrease even more. Since the country is isolate from outside world, it got no support from other country. For instant, it has been landlocked, cut out from the sea, away from pave roads, low investment from the public, and unemployment.
According to the World Bank, the GDP per capita of Nepal was at $694.10 in 2013. However, Nepal try to make the country from depression phase to the expansion phase by improve business, improve trade, and create banking system. Nepal was slowdown and bring economic back on track of recovery, but suddenly in April 25, 2015 the earthquake was hitting Nepal hard. The earthquake had cause Nepal losing $10 billion gross domestic product (GDP), it was half of overall entire country GDP. However, the government had estimated money to rebuilding everything back from earthquake, and the cause will be nearly $5 billion, which was difficult for poor country like Nepal to afford. Moreover, the earthquake had cause millions of Nepalese become unemployment and it also increase the unemployment rate to the highest point of all time. According to the article, Nepal planning for the short-term funding by borrowing loan from World Bank, Asian…
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