A Brief Note On The Country Of Nepal

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A Landlocked nation in southern Asia, with a terrain variation from 6,000 meters altitude down to sea level, has a unique economic structure. The long narrow country is separated into seventy five districts, each being controlled by a chief officer. Agriculture varies because of the difference in terrains and industry being limited. Most of the trade occurs with bordering country, India. Lifestyle in many cities in Nepal is not as modernized as surrounding countries in Asia. It does have features that make it a great place for tourism. Nepal is the birth place of Gautama Buddha, therefor many Buddhist come to see the temple in where he once lived. Not only are Buddhist temples scattered across the nation but many Hindu temples as well. …show more content…
Between these two and at higher elevation is the Himalayan culture. This culture is similar to a mix of Indic and Tibetan cultures. Many Himalayans are bi-lingual, the intake of beef and liquor are acceptable, although Hindus stay away from beef, and agriculture is very important. Nepal has a population of 26.4 million people. (Kunwar,1) Although the mountains divides the country into three major groups, Nepal has several different cultures within. The positive aspect of having multiple cultures is that each one maintains individuality and there is no discrimination between each other. In the interior of the liquor drinking cultures, major alcohol drinkers are viewed as the lower class, as we would describe them in the American culture. The Nepalese have three different types of alcohol they intake, in which all are prepared different ways. The alcohol used for religious ceremonies is home brewed, while we have the modernly brewed light liquors and the imported dark liquors and red wines that have no religious importance what so ever. Beyond the religious ceremonies alcohol is used throughout the different cultures for celebrations and for many different proposals as well. While having the same type of alcohol, such as beer, different terminology is used to describe the diverse stages of celebration. In the Sherpa community a beer is sent as an offer for an arranged marriage. If the father of the woman accepts

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