A Brief Note On The Country Of Nepal

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A Landlocked nation in southern Asia, with a terrain variation from 6,000 meters altitude down to sea level, has a unique economic structure. The long narrow country is separated into seventy five districts, each being controlled by a chief officer. Agriculture varies because of the difference in terrains and industry being limited. Most of the trade occurs with bordering country, India. Lifestyle in many cities in Nepal is not as modernized as surrounding countries in Asia. It does have features that make it a great place for tourism. Nepal is the birth place of Gautama Buddha, therefor many Buddhist come to see the temple in where he once lived. Not only are Buddhist temples scattered across the nation but many Hindu temples as well. For people not of these religions, a feature of Nepal is the Highest Mountain in the world, Mount Everest. The capital, Kathmandu, is a beautiful sight to see. This city is surrounded by mountains and the architecture is a delightful mixture of India and China. With the various cultures and difference in lifestyle that Americans are used to, Nepal would be a great place to take a vacation if venturing around the world is on your bucket list In 1768 Prithvi Narayan Shah Established Nepal as Kingdom. While trying to further expand the kingdom into the east the Sino-Nepalese War started. During the period of time from 1814-1816 Nepal and Britain disputed over India borders. In 1923 Britain declared Nepal as an independent Nation while it

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