A Brief Note On The Country Of Nepal Essay

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Importance of Hospitality tourism in Nepal Nepal is a land locked country, share boarder with two big countries India at east, west and south and China at the north. Being in the middle of these countries Nepal is marvellous and beautiful country. Nepal is rich in natural beauty and the unique geographical position has made Nepal more attractive and lucrative. Besides being naturally beauty it is also home for different world heritage monuments. Nepal rank in the bucket list for travellers. Some of the prominent tourist attraction of Nepal are: a Rafting b Mountaineering c Paragliding d Jungle safari e Rock climbing f Trekking g Bungee jumping h Hunting i Mountain flight j Mountain biking k Boating l Angling/fishing Tourism industry has been the major industry of Nepal and a primary ecomony driver. There is direct and indirect relationship between tourism industry and economy of Nepal. More than 2 mil people have been employed by Tourism industry. Nepal generates 60% of its revenue from tourism sector. Tourism industry is a significant source of employment. Also, it encourages foreign investors. Being country like Nepal where tourism industry dominates large portion of economy it is really important to develop tourism industry. Being surrounded by big countries, Nepal have huge opportunities to attract neighbouring tourists and also from around the world. Importance of Hospitality Tourism in Australia: Australia is major attraction for international and domestic

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