A Brief Note On The Criminal Justice System

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Maya Patton Written Assignment #3 Over the years, the Criminal Justice System has developed in many ways. As the system and society grow, its naturally for advances to be made. most of the time, these advances only better society. But, there are times when advances create issues and barriers for the system. In recent years, the system has shown an increase usage in computerized technology communication. Agencies have evolved and are now quick to respond to several types of issues. Some of these problems would have been considered unsolvable during a pre-technology age. While it may seem as a benefit for the system, society’s heavy reliance on technology has led to some downfalls. It ultimately has created a hindering in communication throughout the criminal justice system. Not limited to the Criminal Justice System, there is an issue with information security procedures. When the world’s information is kept online, it is not safe. People are capable of finding almost anything that is contained on the internet or through computers. Having all communication on such a public forum puts the agencies at risk for a breach. For example, a computer hack made worldwide news this year when Sony, a major entertainment and media company, had a large portion of their emails leaked to the public. The leak included: employee social security numbers, celebrity emails, bank accounts, and personal and business conversations. The leak did not only hurt the business of Sony, but led
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