A Brief Note On The Culture Of Terrorism

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Culture of Terrorism
The Culture of Terrorism
The thesis of this paper is that the attacks of 9/11 were the catalysts of a world culture of terrorism that is used by propaganda and censorship to blur the politics of globalization and technology, and restructure a totalitarian society. This paper will argue that the businesses of “the U.S. media shill factory” (Borjesson, 2004, p.165), the plottings of the “brand based” (Klein, 2000, P.421) corporations, and the multi-national oil giants influence sectors of government by using deliberate strategies of censorship and propaganda to discredit government effectiveness, alienate populations, and seize control.
What is the correlation between censorship and propaganda? “Intelligent men must realize that propaganda is the modern instrument by which they can fight for productive ends and bring order out of chaos” (Bernays, 1928, p.168). Censorship is the “suppression of information, whether purposeful or not, by any method-including bias, omission, underreporting or censorship-that prevents the public from understanding what is happening in society” (Borjesson, 2004, p.419). Since there are different kinds of information or knowledge in society that need to be forbidden because they are harmful to certain groups or to the moral understanding of ethics (i.e. the use of drugs, pornography, assault weapons), what rationale legitimizes suppressed information as forbidden? The principle is “to bring order out of chaos” by using…
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