A Brief Note On The Death Of Euthanasia

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Death Rights: Euthanasia We as a people live in a society dominated by politics, laws, ethics, and most of all the freedom of choice. This freedom is challenged for a particular group of individuals who are often ignored in their plea for this choice, no matter how much they beg and scream for a peaceful means of death. Euthanasia must be put into effect immediately, it is a choice we must not make, the sufferers must make this controversial choice because it is their life, it must not be in the hands of those who can not even comprehend the pain that the suffer is in. Patient Assisted Suicide should be made legal on three accounts: The right to choose death over suffering is an inalienable right that all humans deserve to have, it is cost effective to end the suffering of a patient than to spend money on treatments when the patient is about to die anyway, and is, by nature, an ethical way to give a patient dignity in his life by giving him free will to choose what he wishes to do with it.

Euthanasia: The Rights of Death over Suffering There is not a topic more heated and debated than the will of the patient to choose whether or not to end his/her life, given his/her certain condition is terminal and is in immeasurable pain and agony that they can no longer bare the burden to live (See Figure 1.0). Firstly, the very nature of euthanasia is in its name, coming from the greek name eu- meaning “good” and -thanatos meaning “death” (Humphry). This name sparks ideas in others,
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