A Brief Note On The Death Of College

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Rosella L. Hill Causes of Going to College In a perfect world, all students would recognize what they desired out of life, graduate high-school, head straight for college, the military or a dream career. In a perfect world, cooks would be cooks, scientists would be scientists, and teachers would be teachers. We do not live in a perfect world. We live in a world in which a teacher is a soldier, a scientist is a logger, and a cook is a mechanic. The main reasons that people return to college later in life are dissatisfaction with a current career, career advancement, stability, and security. In 2009, I attended my first semester at a community college in Northern California. With the pressure from family and a constant reminder that college was the only way to proceed, I enrolled out of responsibility to nobody and no idea where to start. It wasn’t long before I was a college drop-out, married, and moving out of the state. I cared more for working and making money than I did about going to college to obtain a degree. It took nearly five years and two children to cause me to realize how much of a mistake it had been not to complete my education. I have become stuck in a low paying position at a grocery store deli, with a husband who works only part time, due to a disability, while trying to raise who children. Having to pay basic rent and utility bills has become an excessively stressful process that we continuously struggle with. To provide for my family, I need a career that
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