A Brief Note On The Death Of Death

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Family Crisis-Death Death is a process that occurs in everyone’s life. Some people die of natural causes like old age, a disease, or a heart attack. Others may have committed suicide, or were a victim of a violent crime. In addition, an accident like a fire or automobile collision may cause a death. Losing a loved one affects everyone in their own way, but there are some feelings that are associated with each loss that are common to almost everyone. Each person grieves in their own way, however, they all go through the same five stages. According to the World life expectancy website, the top causes of death include the following health problems: heart disease, cancer, lung disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, influenza-pneumonia, Nephritis/kidney, blood poisoning, liver disease, hypertension/renal, and Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, accidents are in the top five, suicides rank tenth, and homicide is ranked fifteenth. In the case of suicide, families can be full of guilt, blame, confusion, anger, grief, or shame. As a family, they may pull together or they might fall apart. Children may think that a parent did not want to be around them, or think if they only would have been better, than their parent might still be alive. Spouses may feel guilty at not being able to prevent it or they may feel that their partner did not love them enough to stay. A survivor may feel that others may think it was their fault. Parents often are not able to understand the reasons why a
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