A Brief Note On The Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas Emissions And Particulate Matters

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ABSTRACT Diesel engine exhaust gas emissions and particulate matters have been a serious environmental problem for a long time. Many research have been made in order to reduce these emissions since the usage of diesel engines came into large. Major emissions from the diesel exhaust are NOx, SOx, CO and Particulate Matters. Amongst these SOx, CO and Particulate matters can be reduced by using after treatment methods like Catalytic Reduction, etc. Unlike these NOx reduction is a challenging issue. In this project various types of technologies which are used till now to reduce NOx ¬has been discussed and the advantages and dis-advantages of each technology is mentioned. Critical analysis is made of emerging and new technologies is made and…show more content…
I also extend my thanks to my friends and family for their support and co-operation without which this task could have been very difficult to achieve. PRASANNA SEETHARAMAN (M.Sc Automotive Engineering) OBJECTIVES • Study about combustion in diesel engine. • Investigate production of NOx in CI engines. • Analyse current technologies used in reduction of NOx with respect to combustion process. • Critical analysis of emergent technologies for NOx reduction. • Write a report which explains all the above process. GANTT CHART INTRODUCTION Usage of diesel engine in automobiles is increasing worldwide because of its high fuel efficiency. As the usage increases, the emissions from the exhaust gases also increases which affects the atmosphere, thereby causing environmental issues such as global warming, smog and even acid rain. These emissions are mainly due to non-stoichiometric combustion, dissociation of Nitrogen and impurities in the fuel and air mixture. Major emissions include Oxides of Nitrogen, Oxides of Sulphur, unburnt Hydrocarbons, oxides of carbon and other carbon particles or soot. Significant measures are taken by the automotive industries for several years to reduces the intensity of these exhaust gases. There are two ways of reducing these exhaust gases are i) Primary methods in which the exhaust gases are reducing within the combustion chamber. ii) Secondary methods or after
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