A Brief Note On The Easiest Part Of Writing Essay

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1) The easiest part of writing this essay was the introduction. The introduction was the easiest part of the essay for me, because it just reiterated the main point of the essay and set up my rhetorical analysist. 2) I think I did best on the part of the analysis that I discussed Junod’s introduction as an author and the introduction of his mother. 3) I struggled mostly with just the analysis itself. It is hard analyzing other people’s work. 4) I will improve my analysis on my next paper by rereading the essay and making notes about the content until I have enough information for a well written analysis. 5) I had questions about the audience of this paper and the reason behind this piece of work. I did ask myself these questions and I think I got the proper responses. 6) I did not really have any questions about documentation, but I did not know I needed to cite the article until you told us in class. 7) I do not have questions about MLA format only because I have made frequent trips to Purdue Owl writing portal. 8) I did not use any of the tools listed, besides when you looked over our papers. I reread the essay until I thought I knew what the author was portraying to the audience. 9) I am not very good at using transition words or placing my commas in the right place which is a major issue when reading another’s essay. Society has told us for the last hundreds of years that the woman’s job around the house as shown in Figure 1 is to cook, clean, and
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