A Brief Note On The Elderly Population Around The World

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In the elderly population around the world, stroke is an unavoidable circumstance. In recent years, professionals in the Communication Sciences and Disorders discipline have spent countless hours studying Dysphagia and its causes and most effective treatment methods. My research yielded that stroke is the main cause and that diet modification is the most effective treatment method. Through much research and testing, various ways to modify a patient’s diet have been noticed. My research over the course of this semester focuses on determining the main cause of Dysphagia and the best method to treat it. In conducting my secondary research, I gained insight on Dysphagia, its causes, and the best ways to treat it. In my primary study, the…show more content…
I missed an opportunity to receive great insight on my topic. Also, looking back on my survey questions, I could have worded the questions differently to receive better feedback. The group of people that I polled in my survey limited my responses because many of them have never and will never encounter Dysphagia or anyone that has Dysphagia. Because I posted my survey on my Facebook wall, people from ages 12 to 75 could have taken the survey. People with different levels of education, different cultural backgrounds, and different opinions took my survey. This limits my responses because if a 12 year old took my survey, the responses I probably received were “I don’t know” and “I’m not sure.” If I could have found a group of scholars in my discipline who have worked with Dysphagic patients for 5+ years, the responses I received would have been tremendously different and much more beneficial. Overall, the research I conducted could have been much improved if I had access to other resources. If I could conduct further research with more depth, I would first decide what treatment method I would utilize in my research. Stroke victims would be my group of interest in this study. From the information I have gathered, stroke is the main cause of Dysphagia. While conducting my secondary research, every scholar I used stated that stroke was a cause of Dysphagia if they did not state that it was the main cause of Dysphagia. Rogus-Pulia & Robbins (2013)
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