A Brief Note On The Electronic Health Record

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Technology in Nursing: The Electronic Health Record
An electronic health record allows providers to access health records more readily and to optimize the health outcomes of their patients. Missouri implemented a program with the goal to help Primary care providers to achieve meaningful use of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) by March of 2012 (Missouri Health Information Technology Assistance Center). Meaningful use focuses on things such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension since they have the most impact and quality and cost in healthcare. Healthcare information should be accessible nationally. Many other industries have utilized technological advances to their benefit, but health care has not on the national level as of yet (Steward, 2005, p. 491). Electronic records can help providers to identify and treat patients who are at risk, conduct research, and improve the quality of care (Steward, p. 391).
Electronic health records are at use in most health care facilities currently in some form or another. Hospitals are generally all electronic with the exception of consent forms which must be on paper and are then scanned into the chart at a later date. Federally, all healthcare organizations must implement an electronic health record by 2014 but there is no requirement that any organizations’ platform must speak to another organizations’ platform. For instance, a patient is taken to an SSM Health facility for care but usually goes to Mercy for treatment; these two…
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