A Brief Note On The European Environment Agency

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Map (1) Areas with Potential Significant Flood Risk Source: European Environment Agency (2014) Demand Resulted From The Threat of Drought In 2006 and early 2007 the European Commission carried out an in-depth assessment of water scarcity and droughts in the European Union. Following this assessment the Commission presented an initial set of policy options to increase water efficiency and water savings in Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council. The challenge of water scarcity and droughts in the European Union (COM/2007/0414 final) was published in July 2007 (Commission of the European Communities, 2007), and seven policy options were identified for tackling water scarcity and drought issues (European commission, 2015b): 1. Putting the right price tag on water 2. Allocating water and water-related funding more efficiently 3. Improving drought risk management 4. Considering additional water supply infrastructures 5. Fostering water efficient technologies and practices 6. Fostering the emergence of a water-saving culture in Europe 7. Improve knowledge and data collection Our client could provide services in Europe mainly in drought risk management (the third policy option above) and improve knowledge and data collection (the seventh policy option above). In fact, drought is one the most severe threats that is not only threating Europe but also all over the world as a result of global warming and climate change, and

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