A Brief Note On The Field Of Biotechnology

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ABSTARCT The field of biotechnology is always advancing . From finding ways to slow down th e process of food spoilage , advancements in genetic engineering to adapting organisms to clean p contaminated environemets, new applications and biotechnological invntions are continuously being developed to help our world. In the field of biotechnology biology is used involving the use of living organisms in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields that have include anything with bio products. Those products are also used in biotechnology for manufacturing purposes. Other words that are alike are ones that include the engineering of genes and also a technologies cell- and tissue culture. The basic idea surrounds a wide range of steps (and history) for changing living organisms according to human purposes such as going back to the cultivation of animals, plants, and advancements to these through programs that breed and that employ synthetic selection . When comparing biotechnology, bioengineering is basically thought of as a field that has a lot of similarities especially with its emphasis for using living things. MAIN BODY A living system grows, provides for itself and reproduces by itself. The coolest thing about a living system is that it is composed of non-living molecules and atoms. Biochemistry is basically that the pursuit of knowledge of what goes on chemically within a living system is classifies as such. Although there are thousands of different types

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