A Brief Note On The Flint Water Crisis

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There has been a water crisis in Flint, Michigan for just about two years now. Over the past few months, the water crisis continues to gain more attention. President Obama declared a state of emergency for Flint, Michigan on January 16, 2016. Considered a neurotoxin, the people of the city consumed tap water that was contaminated with lead. Lead poisoning can produce lifelong health effects, and developing children who are exposed to lead even at low levels are at risk of brain damage, behavioral problems and learning disabilities (Foley, K. (2016, January 21). The Flint water crisis explained. Retrieved April 17, 2016, from https://www.yahoo.com/katiecouric/the-flint-water-crisis-explained-031412993.html).
The problem began when the government wanted to save money instead of making sure the poor city had decent resources. Forty-one percent of the thousands of people that live in Flint, Michigan are poor or what it is technically called “living below the poverty line. Michigan hired a manager for emergencies in order to save money in 2011. One task on their list was to find ways to get a water source that was a lot cheaper. Flint was in the process of purchasing a lake in Detroit for its water supply. Employees of public water systems are supposed to monitor water lead levels by testing the water in homes that are connected to water mains via lead service lines, but Flint failed to do so (Delaney, A. (2016, January 23). How Flint 's Water Got Poisonous. Retrieved April 17,…
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