A Brief Note On The Ford Motor Company

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Part 1 Specialisation is a scheme of production, where firms have people focusing on one certain part of the product. For example, in a company that makes toothpaste, one person screws on the cap, one person packs them into a box, one person transports it, and so on. These people are specialised in their field of experience, therefore given that certain task to complete. Division of labour, and specilaisation are very similar, they both relate to giving certain tasks to certain specialised people to improve the performance and speed of the good or service. The Ford Motor Company, used methods as such to help the process of building cars. Henry Ford founded it on 16th June 1903. Before the automated assembly line was invented, a group of workers would sit and manually fix part onto the car. This is an example of specialisation. Only a few cars were built each day. When the automated assembly line was introduced, the productivity of this company soared. (“History Channel, “This Day In History”). Ever since, companies have become efficient in producing product and services for consumers, because the automated assembly line has become a huge benefit in terms of quantity, and a lot of cases, quality. Production overall as we know it today, has become extremely modern, fast, reliable and can do many more things, ever since the automated production line has been popularized. Henry Ford came up with brilliant ideas, for the production line. His concept for this was extremely…

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