A Brief Note On The Future Of Energy

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Incineration: The Future Of Energy Garbage is becoming a serious environmental issue for not only the United Sates but for the rest of the world. 1) According to the Environmental Protection Agency the average person produced 4.4 pounds of waste a day adding up to 1,600 pounds a year. In America alone thats enough to fill the state of Texas two and a half times. Not only does this waste destroy land space it produces harmful gasses that are detrimental to our atmosphere. Landfills are a large producer of greenhouse gasses such as Methane and CO2, their toxic chemicals run off into waterways affecting communal marine life and our drinking water, and the emissions from trucks used to transport this large mass of waste adds additional greenhouse gasses. A proposed solution to this growing problem is incinerating the trash not only saving land space but creating heat and electric energy that can be used to power our communities. The Greenhouse Effect is beneficial to the planet Earth. Surrounding the planet is a layer of ozone the acts as a blanket. The Sun sends energy to the Earth in the form of heat and light. The heat warms the Earth then radiates back towards space in the form of infrared radiation. The ozone blanket then traps some of the warmth enabling our planet to be warm and inhabitable. Certain gasses add and additional layer of “blanketing” to the atmosphere trapping more heat than needed. This trapping has the ability to raise the overall temperature
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