A Brief Note On The Gold Coast City

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Introduction: Gold Coast City is located in queensland city in Austolia. This city is renowned for its sunny subtropical climated, mild winter and hot, bright summer most of the time, which is the motivation factor for British tourist. It has world class beaches. Popular inland beaches such as southport. Marine stadium, currumbin alley, jacobs well, harley Park Labrador and Evandale Lake, Jabiru Island, Tallebudgera Estuary etc. Some of the beaches they promote to learning surfing, waterfront properties, wide array of tourist attractions, popular entertainment, activenightlife and long high rise dominated skyline. In the Gold Coast City the international tourist visited around one third of the world. Which are ages between 15 to 29…show more content…
2) Where do people want to spend their holiday? 3) Are they mass tourist or special interest tourist? 4) Do we know about how tourist destination affect to the environment? Aim and objective of the project is: How to attract and convince the people to go to the Gold Coast City? And how to find out, what group of age are most visiting the destination? The main goal of this proposal is to find out the information of the leisure traveller of the UK, about why they are choosing to go there and what is their reasons and to find out what type of people are going to visit this destination (gender) in what type of age ? The main objectives of this research project are to find out the motivation factors as well as information about increasing new destination in Gold Coast City. Furthermore to find out what type of people are most interested to visiting this destination recently as a UK tourists and what was their experience of visiting this destination for the first time. To see how this destination is well known by British people and how they could believe that this destination has a lot of activities and entertainment for the all gender and different group of age of UK tourism. Motivation is the main factor choosing right destinations for right person. Gold Coast City is one of the best destinations which will fulfil different type of tourist needs and interest. Literature review: Special interest tourism in Gold Coast City is a collaborative effort
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