A Brief Note On The Health Care Industry

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Phase 3 Individual Project
Hope Foster
HCM307-1501A-01: The Health Care Industry
Professor Glenda Byers Shaffer
January 26, 2015
Managed Care Organization Today we have been asked by Mr. Woods to provide training to members of the public relations committee in order to help them understand care key terms so that they can include them in their campaign for community education. Managed care organizations have seen an enormous increase in enrollment since their initial rollout in 1988. Today, managed care organizations have a 95% enrollment since their beginning. What I propose to do is list the key terms with explanations so that the new members will be able to understand managed care and all of its terminology. I am going to explain managed care and the different contracts that are attached to a managed care organization.
Managed Care – This is a type of health care where patients sign up in a plan to visit particular doctors and hospitals whereby the cost of care and treatment is monitored by a managed care organization. (Free Dictionary, 2012). “A health care system with administrative control over primary health care services in a medical group practice.” (Free Dictionary, 2012).
PPOs – (Preferred Provider Organization) – This type of health care system has a list of preferred providers that they want you to use and to get your health care from. You have to have pre-authorization for tests and procedures. (Davis/Health Insurance, 2015).
POS – Point-of-Service
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