A Brief Note On The Health Care Program

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Integrity and fairness are very important in all proposal evaluations, especially in the medical community. Tricare health care program was created for all service members of the military, especially retired and their families. The purpose of Tricare is to provide quality and cost-effective care for their members and for the government. Tricare unitizes military insulations that have a medical treatment center on site to be able to provide cost effective quality care to their members and have a network of contracted medical civilian providers off base. Members are encouraged to seek medical care on military insulations. But when no providers are available members are able to find a local medical provider that is in the Tricare network. If you do not conduct your business in an integrity and fairness manner then you as a medical insurance provider will not be able to help your members get care. Since your company cannot provide any willing medical providers to take your insurance. Here are two scenarios that can happen if fairness and integrity are not part of the proposal. Well again with the Tricare situation if the company does not handle their company in a fairness and integrity manner then there will be an enormous shortage of qualified medical providers that your members will not be able to see. This could be a domino effect if this happened because a lot of service members join the military for the medical benefit that could create a smaller willing
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