A Brief Note On The Health Care Organization

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Based on the degree of integration and alignment there are various physician hospital alignment models discussed below. Accountable care organization (ACO): In Accountable care organizations group of physicians, hospitals and other providers work collaboratively to provide high quality health care services to Medicaid patients. There are several provisions in the patient protection and affordable care act which encourages hospitals, physicians and other providers to establish Accountable care organization by participating in Medicare shared savings program. The main attributes of Accountable care organizations is to improve quality, outcomes and reduce health care costs. The payments to Accountable care organizations are made by centers for Medicaid and Medicare services based on the quality of health care services provided rather than payments based on the volume. Besides these payments Medicare also provides incentives for establishment of Accountable care organizations in rural or underserved areas. The quality of health care services is determined by the patient satisfaction, care coordination and outcomes. In Medicare shared savings program, five types of payments models are offered to Accountable care organization which includes one side model, two side model, bundle payments, capitation and global payments. In one side model savings are shared with the organizations on other hand in two side model savings and risks are shared with Accountable care organizations.
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