A Brief Note On The Health Related Field

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As human beings, we all want to matter; we all want to make a difference in this world and in the lives of the individuals we meet. Some people do this by inventing life changing technology, donating thousands to a local charity, or even posting funny YouTube videos. As for me, I want to touch the lives of those around me by helping those who can no longer help themselves. This is why I wish to go into the health-related field. Although I have my mind set on becoming a physician, there are hundreds of other professions that are categorized under health care. So, therefore I decided to research on a field that I have never intended on pursuing; which was nursing. By researching a new practice, I can open my mind to different options for me to take in the future as I get closer and closer to making a difference. Nursing, in itself is an extremely broad term because there are multiple types of nurses in the work force today. The types of nurses are split into three different categories: non-degree, degree and advanced degree. Nursing positions that do not require a college degree include the certified nurse’s aids (CNAs) and the licensed practical nurse (LPNs). The most common position of nursing is the registered nurse (RNs), which does require a college degree. Lastly, there are the advanced practice nurses whom must complete their master’s or obtain a doctorate level education. Advanced practice nurses include nurse practitioners (NPs), clinical nurse leaders (CNLs),
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