A Brief Note On The Human Service Profession

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In the Human Service Profession, we are commonly tasked with helping clients who face a multitude of issues and working with these clients to come up with and implement intervention plans to address these issues. Here I will work with a client named Teresa, addressing the current issue she is facing, the barriers keeping her from resolving this issue, and implement an intervention plan to help her to ultimately overcome this issue like she has already overcome so many other issues, so she can continue to grow as an individual, and as a mother.
Main Issue
Teresa’s current issues are numerous but it seems that her most immediate issue is that she is in a highly volatile violent relationship. In this current scenario she is now living with a man who is engaging in intimate partner abuse (IPA). She feels stuck in this relationship because of a lack of power distribution, that is he has an income and she has none. He is putting a roof over the heads of her and her children, paying the bills and even buying her children new school cloths, which she remarks is a first for them. She feels powerless and is being manipulated into feeling that any violence he perpetrates on her is somehow her fault. This is in part a cultural issue stemming from a cultural heritage that places men as the dominant over women. “The traditional stereotype represents Mexican men as machos who are dominant and demand total obedience and submission from women and children, while behaving in an independent
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