A Brief Note On The Important Knowledge Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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Terriona Phillips
Brian Hance
AP Language and Literature
January 29, 2015
H.I.V the Important Knowledge
Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a virus that no one wants to talk about. Due to lacking media attention, judgment, and ignorance, many people are not knowledgeable about the virus. In the 1980s people became aware of the HIV virus because of the epidemic that arose, but many people didn’t react appropriately to it. One of the reasons there was not a huge reaction was because nobody was aware of the disease. However, scientist soon discovered that everyone was susceptible to the virus. One of the original thoughts of HIV, was that it came from Africa, originating from West African monkeys. Along string of this virus was found and
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HIV is a major disease that if not managed properly will cause life threatening issues in human beings, and people must become conscientious of how it is contracted, how to prevent it, and how to manage it appropriately.
The different ways of contracting HIV is an important thing to know to keep yourself protected. Some people assume that they can contract HIV by hugging, shaking hands, or maybe even saying “HI” to someone infected with HIV. The data shows that this information is untrue. The only way HIV can get contracted is by having unprotected sexual intercourse with a person infected, sharing needles such as drug use with someone infected with HIV, or born with it from an infected mother who didn 't receive HIV prevention treatment for the child (NY Times HIV/AIDS). Sexual intercourse is the most prevalent way of contracting HIV. This is either vaginal or anal. Having unprotected sex with a partner who is HIV positive also helps enables the virus to spread. It spreads because the HIV virus is held within bodily fluids. Such as mucus, blood, and semen. The only way these things can spread is with contact with the things mentioned above. People in a relationship together need to sit down with each other to discuss with one other about their past sexual partners before they decide to have sex unprotected. Even though this may seem too personal and an invasion of privacy, this background information will allow the couple to decide if they are willing to be
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