A Brief Note On The Internet Of Things

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1.1 In 2008 the number of things on the internet surpassed the number of people utilising it, with an estimate of 50 billion active devices by 2020. The Internet of Things (IOT) consists of any objects such as homes, cars or even walking sticks that are able to register external data and communicate this information, usually wirelessly, it has received via its sensors to other devices. Objects on the IOT will be uniquely detectable and allow users to remotely manipulate them via existing networks which will allow for greater data retrieval that is more accurate and increased efficiency of processes. 1.2 As sensors, microprocessors and more efficient power sources, the main components to convert an object onto the IOT become more readily available at cost effective prices the viability of the IOT rises in turn. The IOT will produce vast quantities of data that would translate into information that individuals or corporations can interpret to provide previously unobtainable knowledge that can be utilised for numerous purposes such as market research. A key aspect of the IOT is that objects can communicate with other devices without any human interaction and potentially produce a result. 1.3 Throughout an individual’s life they will usually require some form of patient monitoring, from chronic conditions to simply tracking a bad cold. The usual route of monitoring is via face to face counselling with one’s healthcare provider so they can assess how you have progressed

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