A Brief Note On The Intersection Of Technology And Terrorism

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Final Paper Sean Kosma ADMJ 1220 Dec. 5, 2014 Cyberterrorism: the intersection of technology and terrorism The cyber-world around us is an evolving organic entity. The incredible advancements with technology and the interconnectivity between such systems make everyday life for the average American as easy as swiping a finger. From a person’s smartphone used to pass the time by mindlessly playing games to the United States’ federal computer networks filled with incredibly confidential databases and mainframes, the wide range of differing types of technology and networks is utilized for an even larger spectrum of capabilities, depending on who is operating. With a world that is becoming much more dependent on these networks running smoothly and efficiently as possible, these networks are becoming prime targets for individuals or organizations that may have other, more malicious ideas of how to utilize the true capabilities of these networks. Present day has seen its fair share of networks that have been compromised by unauthorized actors, but the real question that arises with this looming theory of “cyberterrorism” is what the actors’ desired endstate is. When a network is hacked and compromised, how the act is categorized is all dependent on the identity of those guilty, the intended targets, the desired outcome, and the overarching desired outcome the actors wished would come to fruition. All these components have led to the classification of cybercrimes, cyberterrorism,
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