A Brief Note On The Issue Of Retention

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The Issue of Retention in Nursing Retention in the nursing profession is a concern that needs to be understood and corrected. Multiple areas of the healthcare system are affected by nursing retention, and these areas need to be considered when addressing the concern. Cost of nursing retention is high for organizations because of resources used to maintain and hire for the open positions. Quality patient care should always be at the forefront of reasons that nursing retention needs attention and improvement. Not all cost of retention are associated with monetary value, patient outcomes need the utmost consideration in dealing with nursing retention. There is a lot more than just one contributing factor in retention, it might be impossible…show more content…
There is high job availability for nurses due to shortages and retention, and that allows nurses the ease of moving from one position to another. Knowing that there is a shortage of nurses worldwide, retention of current nurses is essential to decreasing shortage. Job satisfaction and employee engagement are identified as high predictors of intent to leave (Collini, Guidroz, and Perez, 2015). Cowen and Moorhead (2011) bring forth that a positive work environment in which nurses are able to provide quality care, allowed the ability to have input on nursing care, and given opportunities to become valued nurse experts are needed for retention of experienced and new nurses. The aging population of nurses that currently practice is a concern that organizations may be facing in relation to retention. The average age of nurses currently working is about 47 years old, and as the nurses are aging the long hours of shift work may be more difficult which might have the older nurses looking for more flexible hours in a different work place (Cowen and Moorhead, 2011). Older nurses are also looking to retire and be finished in the workforce and this is contributing to decreased retention and creating more job openings. On the other side of the spectrum is a high incident of turnover among new registered nurse graduates. Lateral violence is identified as retention concern for many new graduate
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