A Brief Note On The Joint Commission Accreditation On Healthcare Organizations

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Timing is everything when it comes to patient health outcomes. The purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive review of the critical value reporting process critical results to the appropriate staff members according to the guidelines described in the National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) of the Joint Commission Accreditation on Healthcare Organizations (JACHO). The Joint Commission has listed the following NPSG for 2015: identify patients correctly, improve staff communication, use alarm safely, prevent infection, identify patient safety risks, and prevent mistakes in surgery (The Joint Commission, 2015). A pathologist first introduced critical values by the name of Lundberg over 30 years ago. A critical value was viewed as an indication that the patient was in graved danger unless interventions were done to address the decline in health status (Plebani, M. and Piva E. (2010). The national patient safety goal that reflects the benchmark on our medical-surgical/Telemetry unit was staffing communication in reporting critical values. Our facility as a whole was at 73% compliance for staffing communication. Our hospital 's compliance goal for staffing communication is 90%. However, our unit is currently at 75% compliance. Various factors contribute to the timeliness and compliance of reporting critical values including work force, material and methods, and equipment. In the work force, various factors contribute to the overall safety of patients. Insufficient

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