A Brief Note On The Largest Foodservices Provider

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Aramark is amongst the largest foodservices provider in the world, with a headquarters based in Philadelphia, PA. The corporation was grown primarily through mergers and acquisitions and compiled of a variety of lines of businesses, such as facilities, sports and entertainment and business dining. It boasts clientele from NBA, NFL and NHL. Similar to it’s competitors Sodexo and Compass Group (Hoovers), Aramark relies upon three parts of it’s value chain: human capital outsourcing, uniforms and food. These moving parts are the main drivers of the business and are all supported by comprehensive enterprise scaled software. For the past year, I have been working in Aramark as a business analyst for its Enterprise Analytics team. This…show more content…
Company’s Position on the Pillars of Analytics The first pillar of analytics is when analytics supports a strategic, distinctive capability (Davenport). Over 20 lines of businesses are housed underneath Aramark’s umbrella and each line is given a tool that specifically caters to their function. For example, the finance department within Aramark relies upon the use of the Oracle database to store important data such as sales and expenses. Out of its three competitors, what sets Aramark apart is its focus on the bottom line. From a high-level point of view, finance can assess where gaps are happening within the organization and help manage the growing expense line. Next, the second step is that the approach and management of analytics has become enterprise-wide (Davenport). Before marching to Wall Street with an IPO in 2013 (Reuters), Aramark invested in a tool called QlikView, which is a dashboard tool that helps users perform their own data discovery. After making waves within the organization, QlikView has been used by virtually every line of business within Aramark. It has the ability to pull from multiple data sets within the company’s data warehouse and display it on an application for the use of its enterprise audience. In addition, other tools have been introduced to the forefront because of the newly founded benefits of QlikView. The third pillar is when senior management demonstrates its commitment to the use of
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