A Brief Note On The Main Cause Of Crime

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Brandon Lawler CCJ 3014-003 Professor Seth Fallik May 2nd, 2016 Final Paper What Causes Crime? The main cause of crime is complex. Most people today believe that poverty, parental neglect, low self-esteem, alcohol and drug abuse are all associated on what causes people to commit crimes, but that would be too easy. Crime is committed for a multitude of reasons so only having one theory or reason would simply be insufficient. Crime can be conceived due to four different factors on an individual: Developmental, Psychological, Sociological, and Economic factors. Developmental life-course factors focuses on human development and how that persons own and social factors interact in different ways and at different development stages to influence individual opportunity for criminal behavior. Psychological factors are often learned through experiences and who the individual associates with. Control and primary groups are huge impacts on how psychological factors are developed and acquired through an individuals life. Most sociological ideas stress the relationships of social structures and social conditions, while the economic factor is mainly concerned on how comitting a criminal offense is influenced by incentives of the crimes. Psychology displays a number of different perspectives on the causes of crime. The two dominant theories are psycho- dynamic and behavioral theory. Psycho dynamic theory suggest "that an individuals personality is controlled by unconscious mental
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