A Brief Note On The Media Company From Sinking Business

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SAWASDEE MEDIA Abstract This proposal takes a look on how to save Sawasdee Media company from sinking business. It concerns with the background of the company, methodology of analysis, and recommendation. The objective of this proposal is to identify and analyze possible investment projects that are most likely to be successful in the future. The study points out some reasons that indicate the need of reorganization of the firm. For financial analysis part, net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR) are highly involved in determining the level of project value. In addition, it also includes some interesting market researches from reliable sources to support decision making. Background Sawasdee Media is a Thai digital…show more content…
The company staked most of its outlay to the latest TV set, WT-23, in developing, producing and marketing the product that turned out to be very infamous to the market. In total, the firm spent more than 80 million Baht for WT-23. Although many electronic experts criticize product 's lack of innovation and poor performance and many journalists see the future of the company as a downturn, the company promised the new product launch to be a big step for media technology. Success Recently, Sawasdee Media completed official partnership contract with True Internet Corporation which is Thailand 's leading Internet provider. This agreement is considered to be a big step for the company because True Internet Corporation had overall 36% market share in the broadband market in Thailand and 66% share in Bangkok according to the Bangkok Post report. The contract creates a perfect opportunity that the firm can use to benefit the new project in the future. Failure Last year, the company had to sell its DVD player business to the Hitachi Group in order to generate money to support the latest television series which turned out to be a big flop to the company. In the past, the company was used to be very adaptable to several business obstacles whether it is financial crisis or threat from newcomers. But nowadays, Sawasdee Media, who ever was the number one of largest television manufacturer in Thailand, is losing its title after a poor
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