A Brief Note On The Middle East And Asia

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oases of northern Africa, the Middle East and Asia and is of significant value because of its edible fruit. Murphy (2007) spells out that E. guineensis produces about seven tons of oil per hectare per year and its uses are extended to industries for the production of foods, cosmetics and toiletries. 3.0 DESCRIPTION OF Oryctes rhinoceros
Oryctes rhinoceros is a species of insects that belongs to the Scarabaeidae family. It undergoes complete metamorphosis with reproductive cycle consisting of five stages of development: the egg, the larva, the pre-pupa, the pupa and the adult. The insect is identified by its brown shining colour and its cylindrical, lengthened and very convex shape. Another attribute seen in it is the cephalic horn which is larger for males. They are regarded a serious pest of palms especially destroying the young ones where introduced. The taxonomic classification of the O. rhinoceros beetle is presented in table below.
Rank Taxon
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Coleoptera
Suborder Polyphaga
Family Scarabaeidae
Genus Oryctes
Scientific name Oryctes rhinoceros (L.)

Source: Arnett et al., (2002), Triplehorn et al., (2005)

3.1 LIFE CYCLE OF O. rhinoceros BEETLE
The O. rhinoceros beetle undergoes complete metamorphosis, passing through egg, larva, pupa and adult stages. The adult is the only damaging life stage as it feeds on sap by boring holes into the crowns of palm trees. The immature stages feed on decaying vegetation and do not…
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