A Brief Note On The Modern College Tuition

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The Modern College Tuition Yale University is among the most prestigious in the country; a union of Ivy League schools upheld by nothing but their name and age. Though these schools like Yale are famously known as an expensive path for an equal education, they receive a surprising number of applicants. While there are several options for avoiding a crippling college expense, the price of a school like Yale is beyond steep. Like any business, you want to generate as much revenue as possible compared to your expenses, so while the cost of a college degree can be expensive, it clearly has a demand comparable to that of its price (Heakal). Tuition alone is an obstacle, but when the expenses are all totaled together, you can certainly see the damage a college degree can actually create. Firstly, one must consider the upfront cost of tuition at Yale University. The tuition fee for and undergraduate without any sort of aid is currently $47,600 annually. It should be considered that this fee includes certain benefits such as health care under Yale Health. Additionally, this fee may fluctuate if deemed appropriate by the Corporation of Yale University. Additionally, one must consider the cost of textbooks; yet another efficient way for professors to rake in an additional couple thousand dollars every year by flipping a few sentences around. The standard cost of books and personal expenses at Yale University is $3,525 annually. Room and board represents a significant chunk of the…
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