A Brief Note On The Modern College Tuition

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The Modern College Tuition Yale University is among the most prestigious in the country; a union of Ivy League schools upheld by nothing but their name and age. Though these schools like Yale are famously known as an expensive path for an equal education, they receive a surprising number of applicants. While there are several options for avoiding a crippling college expense, the price of a school like Yale is beyond steep. Like any business, you want to generate as much revenue as possible compared to your expenses, so while the cost of a college degree can be expensive, it clearly has a demand comparable to that of its price (Heakal). Tuition alone is an obstacle, but when the expenses are all totaled together, you can certainly see the…show more content…
Room costs $8,200 and board costs $6,400, totaling to $14,600. It shall be considered that this steep price is for use of the housing facilities located Yale’s campus; quite a convenient location to live when you must walk to multiple auditoriums daily.
When combined, these expenses total to $65,725 every year at Yale University. This means that even if your required education fit into four years, it would already cost $262,900 (“Estimated Cost”).
Without the benefits of financial aid, Yale acknowledges the heavy responsibility of the parents to provide the money necessary to pay for the education: “Yale believes that both parents have a responsibility to contribute toward their child’s college education, even if they are divorced or separated” (“Parent Contribution”). As this is stated directly on Yale’s website, it very accurately reflects how it expects the students to be dependent upon their family in order to receive an education at their school. In modern society, it is fully inappropriate for it to be the responsibility of the parents to provide a fixed proportion of their income for their child to go to a prestigious school that takes a certain level of brilliance to attend. Education has become more of a business than a liberty in the past couple of decades, and as seen by the evidence provided, it has merely encouraged dependence on someone else – a state anyone in business tries to avoid. Fortunately, there are several ways one
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