A Brief Note On The Mongolian Empire And The Golden Horde

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Fiona Panther
Ms. Hetler
World Studies Block 8
30 September 2014 Mongols Essay

The Mongolian empire thrived and conquered throughout the 12th and 13th centuries in Asia and are the largest empire in the history of the world (Document A and Backround Essay). By modern standards they are viewed as brutal barbarians, but in reality they were a thriving civilization that accomplished great feats even though they had to be barbaric when it came to war. They created new innovations within Asian countries, they had a rich and diverse culture, and while they were brutal in warfare, they had laws in place to keep peace among their own people. The Mongolians have accomplished a lot more than many countries in current day have and are a civilization worth learning from. When the Mongolians conquered other countries, they had to have ways to communicate with their other outposts easily. Roads at this time were not very easy to travel, so the Mongolians came up with a solution. According to Charles J. Halperin in Russia and the Golden Horde, the Mongols dug canals that improved transportation and communication between countries (Document J). The Mongols also created Yams which were kind of like an ancient postal system. The Yams would provide fresh horses and supplies to couriers, making their travel easier (Document L). Some might say that the Mongols only destroyed, but they also created a few systems that have evolved into what they are today (i.e. the Yams). This proves that…
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