A Brief Note On The Mother Of God Standing On A Hillside Of Medjugorje

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Connor Monahan Dr. Stringer Huma 201 J 17 October 2015 Medjugorje: A Mother’s Call to Her Children In June of 1981, six children clamed to see Mary the Mother of God standing on a hillside of Medjugorje, a small town in south-east Yugoslavia. These children, four girls and two boys, claim to continue to have Marian apparitions every day, to this day. Thousands of pilgrims each year travel to Medjugorje each year to witness the visionary’s appropriations. These apparitions are not approved by the Catholic Church yet. These apparitions are real and there is Biblical and physical proof for it. Many come to Medjugorje and claim to witness miracles, such as healings and other miraculous events. Some claim that these “miracles” are actually satanic and led people father away from Jesus. These claims are absolutely false, and hundreds are converted to Christianity, healed, and brought closer to God by this one place. On June 24, 1981, Vicka Ivonovic woke from a nap to go out to play with here two friends, Ivanka Ivonovic and Mirjana Dragicevic. When she met up with them, they were at the base of the hillside near the town of Medjugorje. Their faces were flushed and Mirjana pointed to the hillside saying, “Look up there – the Madonna” (Parsons 6). Vicka did not even look before turning away and running back to the safety of the village. While on her way back to the village she ran into Ivan Dragicevic, one of her friends. After Vicka explained her encounter with
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