A Brief Note On The Mountains And Nuclear Waste

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Yucca Mountains and Nuclear waste Native people have been around the Americas since before the Europeans came. Then the natives land began to shrink. Now in today’s society they have the lowest population amongst groups. Most native people use the land for growing goods like fruits and vegetables to tobacco. With the possibility of nuclear waste site in Yucca Mountains, it could threaten the fertility of their land. Environmental racism is the inequality in the form of racism linked with environmental factors and practices that cause disproportionate distress on minority communities (Knowledge Encyclopedia). The Yucca mountain project is environmental racism to the surrounding natives. To get across my point, the following paragraphs will talk about the history of the project, what the article was about, which tribes it would affect, why it is environmental racism and why the previous paragraphs prove my opinion.
In 1982, Congress passed the nuclear waste policy act that said the Department of Energy (DOE) was to build and operate a repository for used nuclear fuel and other highly radioactive waste (NEI). The DOE had until 1998 to find a location and build a site. In 1987, the nuclear waste policy act was amended and the DOE was told to study the Yucca Mountains only because it was a remote desert location (NEI). Even thought it is a desert location it still affects the nearby civilizations. The federal government in 2008 filed a construction license application to
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