A Brief Note On The Myanmar Garment Industry Essay

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The Myanmar garment industry is still extremely small and it tends to specialists in higher quality by comparing with other countries in the region. MGMA Chairman, U Myint Soe said that “Myanmar’s apparel industry is small compared with our neighbors in Bangladesh, China and Thailand, but we currently experiencing robust and sustained growth as international investors and retailers discover the attractive features of our industry”(Russell, 13 Jan: 2015). The future potential of the Myanmar garment industry is sourcing location. Nowadays, buyers’ belief that the workers can be trained for collaborative partnerships with them to improve efficiencies and compliance. The Myanmar garment also has some advantages over other regional garment producers, and authors again point to low wages (lower than everywhere except Bangladesh) and a supply of relatively well-educated labor. In the Myanmar garment sector, as present, production with CMP contracting system with reasonable reasons included with reduce taxes, easy of finance flows within the business. But today, some factories used FOB system which is common model in international garment industry and also the Myanmar’s tax system provides incentives for CMP production over the FOB system. 2.2 CMP (Cut-Make-Pack system) The main majority of the Myanmar’s garment factories operate under the Cut-Make-Pack (sometimes called Cut-Make-Trim) system. This is a contract work system. Typically, a foreign buyer with the necessary financial
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