A Brief Note On The Name Of A Matriarchy : The American Woman And Modern Feminism

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Swari Patel Dr. Natalia Imperatori-Lee Rels 390 10/30/14 “Inequality in the name of a Matriarchy: The American Woman and Modern Feminism” “I think every woman in our culture is a feminist. They may refuse to articulate it, but if you were to take any woman back 40 years and say ‘Is that the world you want to live in?’ they’d say no.” said a woman herself. The fight for women’s’ rights in America over the past decades has challenged existing gender stereotypes and power dynamics in the socio-economic sphere of our culture. The fight then was for equal rights. It challenged the school of thought that women can only be truly happy and fulfilled through marriage and motherhood. Women were in dire need to be recognized as citizens…show more content…
This group of radical modern feminists’ interpretation of feminism in comparison to the true essence of the movement as it first came about decades ago is no longer the same because now it’s not about asserting power in relation to, its about asserting power over. The true meaning of feminism has been diluted in the attempt to shift the power dynamic from a patriarchal to a matriarchal society. Feminism is perceived to be negative because radical feminists have linked it synonymously with man hating. To be a feminist now means to hate the male sex, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Therefore, it is crucial for the American woman to reject the philosophy of radical modern feminists, to fully grasp what feminism really is. To understand just how the wave of feminism today contrasts the movement in the past decades, it is necessary to get a perspective on what social constructs against women lead to the women’s rights movement in the first place. Historical overview is essential in solidifying the overarching principles of the movement when it began. As exemplified by Farley’s texts on “Just Love”, women have long been viewed as property and not as citizens. Several cultures and traditions allowed the husbands to be the aggressors in a marriage, and in relation, made the wife submissive. The aim of marriage was procreation and compulsory motherhood. It was the duty
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