A Brief Note On The Nature Of Teams

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Manos Manoli AIM 1 – Developing the Work Team Part 1 –Understand the nature of teams 1. Explain how teams differ from groups in the workplace The team differences from groups in the workplace are in groups individualssometimesare working at cross purposes and no overall goal. Insteadof in team member understand their individual and team goals. For example if you put the group of 5 people to make a cocktail each person will make their own cocktail instead of team they will work their ideas togetherto make one and to make the best one. Groups come together to share informations and perspectives in a team frequently come together for discussion making problem-solving and planning. Teams time is not wasted by aiming for personal gain at the expense of others. Groups focus on themselves because they are not involved in planningthe groups objectives instead of the team are committed to value based common goals that they helped establish. Groups are always told to do and they are not asked for their ideas and in a team suggestions and ideas are encouraged, members apply their unique talents, knowledge and creativity to the teams objectives. Group member don’t understand the role of other members. This can lead to mistrust and different opinions are considered non-supportive. Teams understand the role of each other and are encouraged to openly express ideas, opinions and feelings. Constructive conflict is welcome and they are encouraged to question. Groups members are
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