A Brief Note On The New Fiber Camera Test

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SAB1 Staff Engineer 2015 first class rate of 91.4%. The five year average is 92.6%. Significant Events Red Circle- The SAB1 system was one of the first systems that red circle was implemented on. I served as a process engineering resource for the implementation team and monitored the controls as they were implemented to ensure that the process continued to run well. Several times, when a new control was turned on, it would not behave as expected or would uncover a problem that was not anticipated, as the system engineer, I worked to prevent them before they could cause a process upset or recognize and mitigate these problems as they were encountered. SAB1 Filter Problems- The new fiber camera test is significantly more sensitive than…show more content…
White Spec Contamination- A hole in the floor allowed RA material to get into a SAB1 Wash Tank. Using Kepner-Tregoe problem solving techniques, I was able to quickly determine the root cause and extent of the problem minimizing the amount of off-class. Improve Mixer and Turbo Operation- Alarms were developed and added to the mixers that will alert operations when a mixer did not get all of its chemicals. This alarm has helped us detect failing valves. Additionally, the OH model was modified so that turbo temperatures are reduced when a turbo reaches OH set point. This has prevented small production upsets from getting worse due to over hydrolyzed dope. Solus Free Acid Root Cause Determination Worked on a team to determine why Solus had elevated levels of free acid after only a short time in storage. It was determined that the root cause is inherent to low viscosity esters and is not something that can be changed with different stabilization or new bags. Online Flashed Acid Supply- Determined it is not a cost effective project Many yard tanks in building 120 are in need of major repair or replacement. Each yard tank costs approximately $3 million to replace. I investigated the potential of going to an online supply of flashed acid. This would allow yard tank 16 to be used in an alternate service and would reduce the number of yard tanks that need to be rebuilt. It was determined through dynamic modeling with the Advanced Controls Group that
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