A Brief Note On The Person Centered Care Essay

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Person-centred care Person –centred care refers to the care delivered in accordance with the individual needs and preferences, but also considering all aspects including physical and mental health issues. Furthermore, family and carers are being provided information in order to understand and to support the patient through their care with the aim for the best care under the given circumstances (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence 2011). In addition, the care planning needs to consider all aspects of care, including the individual 's wishes and preferences in accordance with their rights to accept or to refuse the treatment. Buka (2015) argues that before the Human Rights Act 1998 patients ' rights were not recognised and the decision making process belonged entirely to the doctors due to paternalism which now was substituted by the Person-centred care. Michael, a 76 year old gentleman had a hip replacement after he was out with his dog and another dog put him on the floor, causing the right hip fracture; and on rehabilitation ward, looking forward to go home as he missed his dog. However, his daughter is concerned about his safety after leaving the rehab ward as he lives independently in a two levels house and at the moment he is using a walking frame and his mobility may be impaired as well his ability to cope, therefore she thinks that he may need to move into a residential home. He has an increased level of anxiety and delirium and he displays a
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