A Brief Note On The Potential Barriers Of Effective Communication

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P3 – FAQ Sheet on: The Potential barriers to effective communication.

Introduction: There are several barriers that affect effective communication and correcting all of them will improve the overall communication received by the recipient. Moreover, the barrier of communication is when your message gets distorted. The effective communication involves overcoming and conveying a clear and concise message.

Background Noise: Furthermore, Background noise is has a foremost impact on the potential barriers of effective communication. Firstly, verbal communication with a loud background noise can be unclear to the recipient if the noises in the communication is too loud. For example, if Whatsapp messenger sent a verification call to a user’s phone, and the background noise was too loud the n the user would not be able to understand the verification code and as a result would struggle to verify their Whatsapp account. Furthermore, unclear communication that involves background noises may lead to conflict in the working environment as it is considered to be detrimental. Therefore, this is why background noises are barriers to effective communication.

Distractions: Distractions can have a major impact on effective communication and it is definitely a barrier that should be corrected in order to deliver effective communication. For example, if you are delivering a presentation and your mobile phone rings – this is a distraction that will affect the overall effectiveness of
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