A Brief Note On The Poverty Of The United States

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Proposal Essay
TASK 3 Topic: Causes of the chronic homelessness in the US.
Laura Wright

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The United States has a homeless population of more than a half million people. The homeless assistance programs are overloaded, leaving nearly one third of that half million unsheltered, sleeping outside on the streets, or in makeshift tent cities. Reasons for homelessness include natural disasters, divorce, loss of employment, physical & mental disabilities, substance addiction, gambling addiction, and domestic violence. Those who are chronically homeless, meaning those who are either long-term homeless or have repeated bouts with homelessness, consist of about 15% of the homeless population (The State of Homelessness in America 2015, 2015). Once a person becomes homeless, the obstacles that can cause them to be caught in the trap of chronic homelessness include: the inability to obtain proper identification, desperation that leads to substance addiction & prostitution, and representative payees misuse of disability benefits. Effective ways to address the problem of chronic homelessness are to amend identification policies to allow homeless to obtain food and shelter, expand the amount of shelter beds for single women, and to hold representative payees of disability payments responsible for those under their care.

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