A Brief Note On The Private Sector Security

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Introduction Cybersecurity is a persistent challenge toward the private sector enterprises that are encountering existing and potential dangers influencing our national security. The number of digital assaults occurring in the United States continues to escalate every year. The private sector businesses must comply with government IT security regulations to ensure our national security. Cybersecurity is a key component in the public and private industries as both commercial ventures push to secure the web without decreasing the favorable circumstances that the internet provides. The private sector tenacious effort to enforce the collaboration between private sector businesses and government agencies to enhance information sharing, threat…show more content…
The private sector is regulated the federal government sharing assets, methodologies and security systems to be shared for information security. Cyber Related Compliances and Regulations The United States can shield the nation by producing effective security mechanisms security controls. Private sector businesses are required to follow a new policy which enforces private establishments to report any national information breaches to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) within 60 days. This policy should prevent and address any security lapses to actuality inform clients of any breaches of their personal information. The FTC would be in charge of authorizing punishments against violators. Under certain regulations, businesses could face costly liability penalties up to $10,000 dollars (Watkins, 2014, pg. 3). In addition, the Federal Information Security Management Act is otherwise known as FISMA is a law built to guarantee the government and private segment information operations against natural or human made threats. Any private sector businesses that have contractual ties with the federal government are required to comply with FISMA regulations. The law requires businesses to create, report, monitor and execute organizations to develop data security frameworks and to strengthen the operations of IT systems and maintain inventory to protect data security (FISMA Compliance, 20161). These frameworks should be able identify and

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