A Brief Note On The Problem Of Homeless

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Imagine being from a middle income family, then suddenly you were homeless. Dirty, alcoholics, drug addicts, and bums are words that people associate with being homeless. Multiple factors can cause anyone to become homeless. The Scale family was ordinary, until hordes of factors caused them to become homeless (Foster). People need to stop thinking that homeless people are of a lesser kind, as demonstrated by the Scale family.

Ordinary people can be homeless. To be homeless you have to be a drug addict or an alcoholic, which is wrong. A person can be homeless because of bad investments, unemployment, a divorce, or family kicking someone out. Barbara Sard, a writer for Centers on Budget and Policy Priorities, says that “1.1 million families with children that fall into deep poverty and thus are at risk of housing instability and homelessness” (Sard). This leaves numerous working families not able to pay for housing, which leaves them to live in a shelter or on the streets. An unplanned event such as a loss of a life, hospital cost, or a natural disaster can cause any working class family to lose a great amount of money. Even people who were rich can lost it all and became homeless. Insurance fees, schooling fees, or traffic fees can cost a large amount of money that people do not have to spend. Thinking homeless people do not have a job or are lazy is not right. The unemployment rate rising caused more of working people to be out of a job. Homeless does mean living in…

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