A Brief Note On The Problem Of Co2 Pollution

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I think that the problem is that CO2 pollution because it is the highest it has been for hundreds of years. This world is going to be inherited by us so we need to keep it clean. Also the air is becoming more and more toxic as we reach higher and higher levels of CO2. My solution is a two part plan. Part one of two is instituting a carbon fee like Microsoft has created to become carbon neutral these funds can be pulled from by families in need of financial aid for this tax to get less energy consuming more efficient models. Part two of two is using percentages of the tax to do research on nano-bots that take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and buying clean energies like wind power and solar panels.
How I am connected.
My connection to this is through my friends and family because the world is being affected by carbon dioxide more than before with ocean acidification and cities declared unfit for life. This is the world me and my friends will inherit and I don’t want it to be some sort of poorly cared for world but a clean well cared for world. The CO2 emissions are becoming major things in the US and China as they pollute millions of tonnes a year of carbon dioxide. The connection I have to this came up when I heard how bad our air was getting a couple years ago.
I haven’t really gotten into this until now but that was a major help in my research because I already had the basics down for carbon dioxide pollution. Although I had no connections before I now realize that…
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