A Brief Note On The Problem Of Evil

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Hamartiology: The Problem of Evil There are many people in this world, whether Christian or non-Christian, that are confused regarding the problem of evil. They wonder why God can allow the atrocities that happen. In order to understand why there is confusion, we must go back to the beginning. When God created the Garden of Eden and man and woman, he gave specific instructions to them. God warned man of the consequences of disobeying Him (Genesis 2). This is where the beginning of evil took place. Elwell states that there are many problems of evil not just “the” problem of evil (Elwell, 414). There are two types of evil, moral evil and natural evil. The day that man disobeyed God, he committed moral evil (Elwell, 412). As a society, we have laws that we must obey and if we do not obey them, then we must face consequences. When we look around us, we see evil everywhere. People commit murder, assault and robbery on a daily basis. This is what is considered moral evil. The second type of evil is natural evil. Natural evil is something that is not cause by any specific agent, but has victims. Some examples include tornados, floods and earthquakes.
According to the Bible, natural evil is a consequence of moral evil. Had man not sinned in the beginning, there would be no moral evil and therefore, no natural evil Elwell, 412). Because God loves us so much, He created man with an inherent freewill. Because man used freewill to sin, evil entered into the world and we were
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