A Brief Note On The Public Issue Exists

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Analysis of the Public Issue The public issue exists in that fact that the present system of producing food animals in society is not sustainable and presents an unprecedented level of risk to public health and damage to the economy throughout an unnecessary process of harm to the animals raised as food. The term for this would be the existence of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO’s). Production has shifted from smaller, family-owned farms to large farms that often have corporate contracts. Most meat and dairy products now are produced on large farms with single species buildings or open-air pens. In the agricultural business, livestock is becoming demanded more and more by large corporations, and when the focus is placed on mass production, the methods are raising animals in humane mannerisms quickly degraded. If present trends continue, meat production is predicted to double between the turn of the 21st century and 2050. Animals are being raised in small, crowded areas for the reason that it is not expensive and the only concern is for them to be fat and quickly fed to consumers. Within this , lies another issue within itself due the fact that animals are being fed with components outside of their diets which create more illnesses along with an incised need for antibiotics to keep them alive long enough to be used for meat.The conditions are to the point where animals such as pigs and cows are in cages or contained spaces standing in their own feces, without
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